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Unfortunately we have NO anger management course starting in the near future. Please go to the OTHER AREAS link for details of where you might find anger management therapy or courses.



The anger management course will run over 4 weeks. While the focus for 3 of the visits will be on Cognitive Behavioural (psychological) approaches to anger management, there will be one session devoted to the biblical view of anger and the role of forgiveness. The 3 weeks on psychological anger management will be conducted by a Clinical Psychologist with experience in anger management training.



The proposed outline of sessions is as follows:


Session 1


An introduction to anger as an emotion, its nature and causes.



Session 2


Relaxation techniques and anxiety reduction techniques



Session 3


Recognising the individual pattern of your anger and picking up the early signs of anger.



Session 4


Introduction to negative thoughts and how to challenge them.



Session 5


Further cognitive restructuring (thought challenging).



Session 6


The biblical view of anger and the role of forgiveness.



Session 7


Problem Solving and Communication Skills.



The proposed course will be free of charge to participants but there may be some restrictions on joining depending upon people's suitability. A certificate of attendance can be provided upon the completion of the course for those who want one.


The course will be run in the Penrith area and commencement date will depend on numbers and trainer availability. If you are interested in attending a course please email us:



If you live in another area we suggest you contact the Australian Psychological Society ( for details of a psychologist near you who provides anger management training.


We hope to have details of anger management courses in other areas posted on this page in the near future.


Important Note: This page provides general information only and should not be relied on for treatment. You should speak to a Clinical Psychologist to clarify the nature of any problems you have and the most appropriate treatment.


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